Friday, 20 May 2005

Summer plans

My blog writing is a bit sporadic! Good thing nobody reads it regularly! heehee.

An update on my summer:
I arrive in Halifax on the evening of 29 June.
Shad Valley starts at Dalhousie University a few days later on 2 July and runs until 31 July.
I fly home to Uxbridge at midnight on Sunday, 7 August.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends. How horrible, though, that Sara Archibald is going to be in England, in our flat, while I am away in Canada! Not fair at all. Though I hope she enjoys cooking for Ant in my place. :) He says that's the price of staying there.

Wednesday, 30 March 2005

welcome to the UK

How is work going?
I have been doing some supply teaching and looking for more permanent work, but so far no bites. I am teaching three days a week at Uxbridge College: teaching English to 15 year olds! and also some basic math (or maths) to health and social care students. Wierd. On the other days I just wake up and hope someone calls me to supply teach. In Canada, the schools call the night before, but here, they call the morning of. So every morning I get up and get ready to walk out the door any second if I am called. The last two weeks before the Easter break I had been getting work fairly regularly, but before that I wasn't get much at all. It's tough because my income is all we have to live on.

We have been making some big purchases. We bought a bed and a matress at IKEA a few weeks ago, and also a lovely dining table and a big bookshelf for the living room. Then we bought a washing machine: very expensive but also essential! What an unromantic way to spend our wedding present money.... but we're glad we did it. A month without a washing machine was starting to get a bit awkward and smelly! :)

I'm coming back to Dal for Shad this summer. I'll be living on campus during July. Ant thinks he'll be able to devote himself more fully to his work when I'm not around. Too bad I won't be here to feed him, though. ;) I fly home 29 June and leave again in the first few days of August.

And what about being married?
Ah, married life. It's hard to say. I really like living wih Ant. We get along fabulously and don't fight much. We enjoy each other's company. It's bizarre in a way, though, because it doesn't feel that much different than when we were visiting each other.

Am I lonely?
I am a bit. Not in other ways, though. I love being with Ant and so I never feel alone. But I have very few girl friends--actually no close ones yet and only a few prospects. I do have some nice co-workers at the college I teach at, and I see themon Mondays and Tuesdays (and now maybe Fridays). But we're not real friends; you know. There are a few couples at the church that Ant and I want to make friends with, but nobody has really clicked yet. We'l lsee. I keep telling myself that these things take time.