Saturday, 27 February 2010

half term

My half term break last week was a much needed rest. I met up with some friends, visited some galleries, and ate in some cafes. Basically my usual favourite things to do!

I met up with Ellie for lunch in Pimlico and we had a lovely leisurely chat over sandwiches and soup. It's so nice to get to know someone new from our church. She was able to take a long lunch--what a luxury. In the afternoon, after a long walk through Victoria, I visited Ottolenghi, a restaurant I have been craving since I heard about it from food blogger friends. I spent a long time looking at all the delicious food in the window (pictured above) and on display inside. I ordered a caramel and macadamia nut cheesecake with a mug of Earl Grey tea. I ate so slowly, drawing out every lovely bite while I watched other customers ordering delicious food and pastries.

On another day I visited in Whitehall with Pari and we ate lunch at a bustling Italian cafe, of the sort that is so common in central London. The staff were so efficient they were brusque, and the food was fast and in big portions. There were plenty of office workers such as Pari having lunch there and also a good collection of tourists. After our meal I returned Pari to her work and then I visited the National Portrait Gallery nearby.

Naomi came into London for a lunch date and we had a delicious salad and soup (soup is always my favourite lunch choice!) and then headed over to Paul for tea. It's such a nice little French bakery and cafe. We sat upstairs where I could look down on the busy counter and smell the bread baking.

Naomi and I headed over to the V&A after tea and started to wander through the galleries. There is so much there that every time I go I just choose a floor and see something new and interesting. Take, for instance, this hanging display of flattened brass instruments.

Here is an inventive tea pot we saw at the V&A.

My last lunch of the week was spent with Helen near her work and we had a tapas meal at a little spot near her offices. So many new things to try and we were both so pleased with the plates we shared. After lunch she took me to her work and I got a little tour of the mixing rooms, the editing suites, and met some of her colleagues.

What a great half term. It was relaxing and enjoyable. I also did some marking (as always) and some work around the house, so it was a good mixture of rest and chores.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

church friends

Last Sunday, Jennifer was visiting from Wales and so we had a few people over for lunch to enjoy some time with her. I was busy making lunch for the first part of the afternoon, and sadly I didn't get the camera out early enough to snap any photos of Jennifer. Bu we all really enjoyed seeing her and also spending some time together. We also got a chance to Skype with Matt and Bree in Hong Kong--what a nice treat. Armond was keeping Timothy amused (above) and Ben and Jermaine had a good chat (below).

Christopher was a fast learner when I asked him to say "cheese".

Ben and Claude (below) now live quite close to us and so I hope we get to see them more.

And Judith (below) is now my neighbour as well, so we pop over to her whenever we need a different screwdriver or dishwasher tablets! I think one thing we love about our area is that it is starting to feel more like a community. We all live quite close together.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

trip to Liverpool

Ant and I spent last weekend visiting his family and friends in Liverpool. One of the highlights was seeing Laura, a friend who used to live in London and has now returned to her roots in the North West. Ant, always the joker, pulled this face without Laura even noticing.

We also enjoyed seeing Ant's sisters. His sister Rachele has had a baby since we last saw her. We met our niece, Kaitlin, who is a gorgeous and placid baby. It was fantastic to try to make her laugh.