Saturday, 22 September 2012

jewellery storage

I have two empty boxes of Ferrero Rochers that I use as jewellery storage. One is for necklaces and the other for earrings. I have had them for at least five years and they were getting chipped on the edges where the top and bottom touch. So Anthony and I just had to eat our way through two new boxes so that I could replace them!

Voila, my new box of earrings.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

"you smell nice"

The person behind me on the bus smells really good. A bit fresh, a little like apples, just enough to notice and enjoy. I wonder what it is that makes me so happy to be near that smell? I want to turn and ask about it and give a compliment.

The bus lurches to the side and my head swivels. I see the shoe attached to the leg of the person behind. It's a man! Ah, no. There is now no acceptable way for me to comment. I run though the options in my mind. Every conversation I can imagine that starts with "You smell nice" ends with awkwardness or embarrassment or both. I also try to visualise what would happen if I passed the man a note saying he had a pleasant aroma - maybe as I exit the bus. No, there is just no way to give a strange man a compliment.

Well, then, thank you strange man, for making my bus journey more calm and fresh-smelling. I hope you have a good day. And I hope someone else finds a socially acceptable way to appreciate you.