Thursday, 25 November 2004


It's a day like this that makes me have second thoughts about teaching. I have a headache from students coming up to me when I want them to be sitting and reading. I've had fights over the computer. One student is ripping mad that another gets some special treatment. The student who gets special treatment is not cooperative even with her extra priviledges. She's been lying on the floor and refusing to do things. She takes over the computer when she's supposed to be reading or doing some toher work. We had indoor recess and I had a meeting at lunch with the peer helpers. I haven't had a minute to myself yet today. Thankfully, the students are now in the gym for activity day, so I have some time to think.

The students are not always badly behaved. I think that the weather and the indoor recess is also hard for them. They're cranky and so am I: not a good combination. Jenny noticed I'm a bit agitated. I think sometimes that I won't like being a teacher. But I often think this on troublesome days. That's not a good time to make a decision. Being so busy and stressed outside of school also gives pause to my complaining about the job. I need to get through this difficult time.

Friday, 19 November 2004

a whirlwind Friday

We had a crazy day at school today--rushing in and out of the classroom every half hour. It included a musical presentation in the gym by Mike Cowie, a trumpet player. He brought a guitarist and a sax player, and they played for the school with lights and loud sound. The kids loved it. One said to me that it was the "first real concert" he had been to. they love being in a darkened room, which doesn't happen often to keep behaviours to a minimum.

Yesterday I had a little scissor incident! I can't believe I injured myself so badly with a pair of "safety scissors." My parents should have never let me skip kindergarten!

I'm cooking for Sara tonight. I borrowed my mother's fruit cookbook and can't wait to pick something from it. Maybe it will be salmon with pineapple-tomato vinaigrette. Ant hates pineapple, so I'm enjoying it while I can.

School things that I need to think about:
How to keep children from always coming up to me. We need a routine so that they can tell me they need my attention without calling my name ten times.
How to streamline the kids who are using the computer. Why don't the programs install correctly? Why do the students need so much help?
What is a better way to get attention? Maybe I should try Karen's clapping technique.
What to do about Taylor and Sheldon always distracting each other?

Wednesday, 17 November 2004

a sad day at school

Today at school we were told that a teacher who taught here and retired in June died this morning. Counselling teams went through the classes, telling the students the news and letting them talk. Jenny is upset and I feel drained. I was scheduled to teach most of the day anyway, so she could hide a bit. Some of our students were quite sad, others barely noticed.

I feel a bit unable to help the students. At least I know that crying is important when you're sad. But I'm not allowed to talk about God, of course. And I don't know the students well enough to tailor my words to them. I handed out kleenex and let them think. Some drew pictures to show how they were feeling.

the beginning of blog

Well, I got into this because of Sonya. She has a blog and she uses it to keep in touch with friends from away (and me, I guess, whom she hardly ever sees). So, that seems like a practical idea for me.

I'm writing at school, in the few free minutes before Jenny (my teacher) gets here and the bell goes. I should really be preparing for the day: writing the date and the agenda on the board and organizing books.I should also be working on my CV, which I need to try to get a job in the UK.

I'll try to get some pictures up here at some point. Anyway, at least this is started off.

Thursday, 20 May 2004

wedding website

Ant has created a fabulous wedding website for us. What a genius!