Wednesday, 28 March 2007

at home

I've been at home today, ill. Sigh. I wanted to make it through this half term without any sick days and then I got ill in the last week! I'm a bit annoyed, but there you go. There's no denying that I have completely lost my voice and it hurts.

I have slept, watched TV, surfed online, and read magazines. That's it.

While online I found the test I need to take for my citizenship test. Although it's still two years until I can take it, I was curious about what the test is like. You have to buy a book (£10) to study from and then take the test (£34). There are loads of questions about politics, the Queen, government agencies, history, immigration, etc, etc.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare, Sorry to hear that you are sick. I was visiting your parents last night. They told me that Micha is going to Australia. Congrats. Micha! We would love to go there... or anywhere for that matter.

When are you coming to Canada for the weekend.... that sounds so sophisticated. :)