Monday, 26 November 2007

a few random photos

Here are a few photos from the last few weeks that I have been too preoccupied to post.

My kitchen table during a busy marking day one Saturday.

Bree and I went to Buckingham Palace a few Sundays ago on one of my city walks.

The Palace is closed most of the year (because the Queen lives there, duh). I wish we would have gone to see it this summer like we kept saying we should. Hopefully Bree will still be here next summer to go with me.

These are the gates to Green Park (one of the royal parks).

As we were walking through Green Park and Hyde Park, dusk was falling. We timed our walk to finish when it was dark and take the train home. This is the pond in Hyde Park. Alongside the pond there were large groups of roller bladers who meet on Sundays for a big group skate.

This is a photo of what I consider dessert when Ant is not around. We don't make dessert very much, but when we do Ant always prefers chocolate. Me, I prefer fruit. This is only a dessert by name--it only contains granola, plain yoghurt, and stewed cranberries--hardly any sugar.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Sare - beautiful pic of dust in the parks. Your friend sort of looks like you in that pic...the glasses and the hair.

So, are you home for Christmas- we are going to Texas to visit Will and Amy but will be back around NY. Not sure when exactly yet.