Tuesday, 3 February 2009

religious studies question

There's a religious studies class that meets in my classroom once a fortnight. When I returned recently I found a handout on the floor that interested me.
Well done! You have now covered enough work to be able to answer a GCSE RS question.

Here is the question: What reasons might a Christian give for the existence of God?

There are at least _____ reasons a Christian might give for the existence of God. Firstly, there is the ____ theory. William _____ said that just like a _____ has to have a designer, so does the earth. The earth must have a creator and that creator was _____.

Secondly we all have a _____ which tells us the difference between right and _____ when we are faced with a _____ dilemma. Christians believe that our conscience is the voice of _____ speaking to us.

Some people believe they have met _____ through religious experiences such as _____ and _____.

Finally many Christians believe in God because this is what they have been _____ up to believe. their family and friends are Christian and so they do not question their belief.

Here are some words to help you (some may be used more than once):
God, four, miracles, brought, Paley, conscience, prayer, watch, moral, wrong
I thought this was interesting because it is a simple answer to the question of the existence of God, written by someone looking in on Christianity from the outside. And I find it to contain some truths. I believe I have met with God through my experiences as well: Jesus has become real to me and someone I talk to day by day. What would you say? What reasons do you give for the existence of God when you are asked?

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Kathrina/Kathy said...

I believe that God exists because of the changes that occur in me when/after I pray. When I ask him to tell me that he loves me I do feel more confident of that. I also think he exists because of other answers to prayer. I think it takes a very large amount of faith to believe that the breath that is in us is the result of chance. There just is no reason why we would keep on living,or breathing or talking or anything if we were not being enabled to.I also believe in God because of the existence of animals. They are so amazing to me, the movements that they can do, the thoughts that they have, the shapes, colors etc. that they have. God not only is, he is extraordinarily creative and inventive.