Sunday, 14 February 2010

church friends

Last Sunday, Jennifer was visiting from Wales and so we had a few people over for lunch to enjoy some time with her. I was busy making lunch for the first part of the afternoon, and sadly I didn't get the camera out early enough to snap any photos of Jennifer. Bu we all really enjoyed seeing her and also spending some time together. We also got a chance to Skype with Matt and Bree in Hong Kong--what a nice treat. Armond was keeping Timothy amused (above) and Ben and Jermaine had a good chat (below).

Christopher was a fast learner when I asked him to say "cheese".

Ben and Claude (below) now live quite close to us and so I hope we get to see them more.

And Judith (below) is now my neighbour as well, so we pop over to her whenever we need a different screwdriver or dishwasher tablets! I think one thing we love about our area is that it is starting to feel more like a community. We all live quite close together.

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kathy said...

sarah, thanks so much for your hospitality to jen. i enjoyed your pictures on this blog. love, jen's mom