Saturday, 10 April 2010

sight-seeing and walking

I have been spending the last few days getting ready for work on Monday and walking around Hong Kong. I spent two mornings at school, organising mostly. And I've been meeting up with Bree and Ant and Matt for coffee or meals. The building with the triangles (above) is the Bank of China, which I've mentioned before as one way I check where I am in the city.

I have been meeting Bree near her work--in this little fountain area in Hong Kong park. I find that Hong Kong central area has a surprising number of parks and they all include fountains. The trees here are very lush because of how rainy it is.

While walking yesterday I found a Catholic cathedral in the central area--quite a strange departure from most of the architecture around it. I went in and sat for a few minutes and listened to someone practising the organ.

Lastly, I am impressed with how frequently I can find a public toilet when I want to. I was shocked to see this inside one ladies in an office/shopping building: Romans 5:8 on the wall! I think the English words look cool, which may be why it was pasted up there.


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

I like that bathroom

HMG said...

Wow - what a cool and thought-provoking place to urinate!