Wednesday, 28 July 2010

our living and dining room

Our living and dining area is one big room, divided by the couch. At one end is Ant's new TV (bought just in time for the World Cup) and our bookshelves. On the left you can see the doors to our balcony. (Our landlady left us those curtains; what do you think of them?)

On the other end of the room you can see our new painting, which we got as a gift from Jeff's Mum when we went to Shenzhen with Mum and Dad. It's amazing! At the back you can see our front door and the kitchen door, going off to the left.

And I've started a picture collage on the wall--some family photos and some postcards. I am now looking for new postcards, so why don't you send me one from your next outing? ;-)


AnnaMcC said...

That painting really is amazing! If ever you need a place to store it, I'm sure I could find wall space. ;)

I see that Dante is already a part of the collection... I'll see what else we can send your way. How are you keeping everything on the wall?

sarah said...

Hi Anna, Yes, thanks for Dante; is is gesturing happily to the smiling family members nearby. :) It's all just held up with blue-tack.

When we next move, I'm going to roll that painting up and stick it under my arm! It's not going anywhere. (Sorry.)

Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

It looks greats

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by the curtains and then found out that they were the land lady's. That made sense instantly apart from them still being up.

Love you, Paul