Tuesday, 3 January 2012

new year's resolutions

I found it a bit harder to bring myself to make resolutions this year. It seems harder than usual to do something every day. Work has been busy since the school year started and I took on an extra responsibility. But I am aware that in the past my resolutions have been very motivating and have usually helped me accomplish a lot. So it's time to just go for it, and make some decision, darn it.

1. Run in a 10 km event - I have my heart set on the 10 km component of the Great Wall Marathon. It's in May, which gives me plenty of time to actually gain enough fitness to run 10 km. In the back of my mind there is a feeling that this may or may not happen since I have had a few injury problems since starting to run. As a result I have been reading about how to avoid injury. Cross training, for instance. Any other suggestions are gratefully received! At school there is a once-a-week zumba dance exercise class starting up, and I'm looking forward to that.

2. Read through the Bible. The two other times I have done this I have found it to be so heartening. The first time I read the whole Bible in a year was in 2000, and I was amazed by how God was working in history as a whole and that it all really did point to Jesus. This year I want to make it more fresh for me and so I've decided to read in The Message version. (Read it yourself for free on Bible Gateway.)

3. Reflect on what I read. I have a little diary that I use to pray in writing and note thoughts down. (I got it from Dad's church and it's published by The Bible League of Canada.)

4. Keep in touch with family and friends more regularly. This is a recurring theme for my resolutions. This year I plan to keep track my success (hopefully) in my diary. I will try to email, call, or write to someone each day. As a side note, I realise that keeping this blog more regularly updated will probably help, too. (Thanks to Sarah for her encouragement. I am glad someone still checks it!)

So, the floor is open to you. What are your resolutions? Do you find them encouraging?


Angela said...

Happy New Year Sarah!! Hope you are both well!! I saw your new year's resolution and thought I'd love to give you some tips on the running side! :-)

Go to a professional sports shop that have people who know about running to find the best fitting shoes for you. They usually have a mat for you to run on in order to check your pressure on your feet or they will have a camera on a treadmill to check the alignment of your foot with respect to your legs. This is extremely important to give you the right support for your knees, hips and spine which are the primary targets for running injuries. I had a knee issue for a long time, but ever since I got someone to find me the perfect shoes, I have not suffered since!

The rest I don't think I need to point out to you warming up, dynamic stretches before running, and stretching after your run (at least 20 seconds). It's a bit boring but you do have to be methodical to avoid injuries.

core body exercises, pilates, yoga will also help if you have the time.

Good luck! Hope to see you soon!


sarah said...

Hi Angela, Thanks so much for leaving me a comment. Ant said, "She knows what she is talking about." I will find myself a real running shop and get some good shoes. In the summer I got some new shoes with no advice and I don't think that helped.

Have you been doing any running, cycling, or swimming recently?

Naomi said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm planning to get into running this year too! My new years resolution is to lose 1 stone gradually through healthy eating and exercise.

I think you may have a head start on the running front as you're a lot fitter than I am. I found this great running plan on the NHS website called 'Couch to 5K': http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/couch-5K-running-plan.aspx

It might be a bit too simple for you, but if nothing else it's a handy way to download some free running music!


sarah said...

Hi Naomi, thanks so much for leaving a comment! I have heard of plans like this before and I think this one sounds great. I will surely download the music at least. :) I can run 5km, though I haven't done it since November. I'm proud of you for resolving! I hope to hear more soon...! x