Friday, 28 June 2013

five minute friday: in between

This is worth a try. A five minute sustained, spontaneous writing session.

Five Minute Friday

"In between" seems like an appropriate first topic for me as well. Today was the last day of work and tomorrow we have the movers coming in.

I am in between Hong Kong and Singapore. It has been three years here. I found it hard to settle here in Hong Kong. Making friends was hard and took me a long time. (Is there any way to learn how to make friends faster and easier?) Now that I have friends, though, it is so very hard to leave them.

Singapore is going to be great; I know that, too! We already have some friend there, actually, two couples. So that should give us a head start we need so we don't feel lonely.

 I am also in between work and holiday. We leave on Sunday for a ten day break; yippee! It will be good to rest, reflect, and recover. Anthony and I are both in dire need of some down time. We are going to have a memorable, no expenses spared time in New Zealand. But to be honest, both of us know that even if we don't do any fancy outings we will be happy just to sit in the car, looking at the beautiful scenery, and not worrying.

Are you in between?
Do you have advice about making friends?


Diana said...

Change is always so hard! We are always so focused on getting to the new point, though, that we sometimes forget to enjoy the path we take to get there and what we learn along the way - the in between. You may not think it's easy to make new friends but I'm betting you're pretty good at it...and brave to be making this move. Hang in there & you'll be fine! Thanks for sharing.

Katie Jane said...

Just stopped by in scrolling throuhg the Five Minute Fridays, this sounds like such an interessting blog! A Christian in Hong Kong. Can't wait to read some of your archives! Definitely following.(:

Rachel said...

Inbetween - oh my goodness, yes! I think I am trying most to enjoy even this time in my life... too often I have focused only on arriving at a certain point, only to ignore or miss the time inbetween. I regret this. ENJOY your holiday. Prayers the move goes smoothly... and to making new friends (I have a hard time with that too :(