Wednesday, 1 November 2006

hot and cold

Today I am shivering. But Sunday was a glorious day, and after church we went to Matt and Bree's for a barbeque. You can see that it was lovely and sunny and we all stood out on the roof while Matt cooked up some hamburgers, sausages, corn on the cob, and portabella mushrooms. Alexis and Sandra were there, and Justin, who was visiting for part of the weekend, and Matt's friend Ben.

Today has been such a cold day. Just on Monday I was saying to myself how nice it is that the school is in several buildings since I get some sun and air when I go to the staff room or to the photocopier. But today I wasn't too keen about the fresh air lark. it was frigid. Welcome to November, eh.


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! You want cold... it is snowing here today. Yucky but pretty.

We are looking forward to your coming to see us in about a month.


Anonymous said...

I look fat in that photo. I think I need a style makeover. What do you think? =:-D