Tuesday, 14 November 2006

lovely Ant

I have been extremely busy this week at work with some extra burdens. Fortunately Ant has stepped up to the task of running things at home. He has done oodles of washing up, laundry, and cleaning. He cooked two delicious meals yesterday and today: chicken tikka masala with rice and sausages with mustard and green onion mashed potatoes. How sweet! And today we had slices of a little cheesecake he picked out for me with fresh strawberries on top. Mmm! At least one area of my life is running smoothly.


Kevin & Sonya said...

That sounds delicious. Tell him to send me the recipe. Way to go ant.

Bree and Matt said...

hope your review went well and good luck for tomorrow!

april said...

That was the greatest mashed potato of all time ever. Mmmmm.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! hope your week is goinf well. I was just thinking of you and thought I would check out your blog... but you have not posted anything new... boo:(

Till next time.