Monday, 11 December 2006

my favourite numbers (in no particular order)

2: a prime number, but also even. How beautiful!

pi: every maths fanatic's favourite? It's irrationality is a wonderful mystery.

49: my favourite square number. Recently my students laughed at me when I asked them to write a limerick about their favourite square number. What's so funny about that?

phi: the golden ratio. This lovely ratio of [1+rt(5)]/2 describes the most beautiful architecture and most pleasing forms. Astoundingly it crops up in the Fibonacci numbers as well as the ratio between consecutive terms as the sequence progresses.

e: an irrational number that has on its list of claiims to fame the equation e^(pi*i) = -1, an equation that my high school maths teacher said was proof God existed.

For bragging rights, match the numbers mentioned above with thier decimal equivalents:


P T Mathmatico Progenitor said...

Which got me thinking, Googling, and being startled by all the ways the golden ratio shows up. See:

Anonymous said...

Of course, then there's 1729, and the king of all numbers, 42. And 163 (or at least the square root of its negative) is interesting in some contexts too.
- Ross