Sunday, 17 December 2006

nativity play

It's always the cutest time of the year when the little ones put on their Christmas show. Today at church was no exception. Mary and Joseph were both mute during the whole drama. One angel didn't really want to go anywhere near them. The baby Jesus was a real baby, placed in the manger by his proud mother.

Why do we keep doing the nativity play? Is it just so we can ooh and aah at the kids' antics? Hopefully they are learning something about Jesus through it all. I learned something today. One wise man was played by an adult this time, due to a shortage of children. The Magi were very learned men, rich, and powerful. They travelled all the way to Bethlehem to kneel before Jesus in his manger. To see a grown person kneeling and presenting a gift to a baby was very powerful. I want to be humble enough to say, Jesus, I kneel before you. I worship his greatness and praise him for the love he showed by coming as a human to earth.

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