Tuesday, 31 July 2007

visiting fun

My aunt and uncle and three cousins are visiting London for five days. Ant and I went over to their hotel on Sunday afternoon to see how their jet lag was treating them. We went out for a Persian meal at a little restaurant nearby. We shared a platter of starters, which were delicious. We ripped and shared very hot, fresh flat bread and dipped it in hummus or three other dips: chicken, peas, and potato; eggplant and onion; or eggplant and tomato.

James and Andrew (and Dave and Ant) had lamb dishes for their main courses--perhaps it was a man thing. I had a chicken dish served with salad.

After dinner we had Iranian tea in tiny cups, served with sugar and lemon.


p t relativista said...

Blog on! Always interesting.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Greetings from Austria. We are away right now so it has been hard to look at blogs, and no cpomputer at home because we moved so I will catch up soon. Hope all is well.

Love S

Kevin & Sonya said...

Glad to see that you are enjoying London! Hope all is well.Blessings friend.