Monday, 10 March 2008

report writing

I have a set of reports due this week--for a year group in which I teach two groups. I teach a top set and a bottom set. The top set are an enviable group--they are quite hard workers and I never have any difficulty motivating them in lessons. Also since they are progressing well their reports will be easier to write. I'll use a standard paragraph and add details of progress and grades for each child. The reports I write for the bottom set will be more challenging. It's a very diverse class with several students still learning their times tables. I'll probably spend twice the time writing that set of reports, commenting on progress, effort in class, consistency of homework, neatness, contributions in lessons, and general attitude.
Ryan has made very good progress in maths. He works consistently well in lessons and always put maximum effort into his classwork. His work is well presented and he takes notes that will be valuable for use before tests and exams. He asks and answers questions in class; this is certainly something I would encourage him to maintain. His homework is regularly completed to a high standard and handed in on time. This has allowed him to consolidate our classwork topics. He is always pleasant and polite. He works well with his peers and I’ve enjoyed teaching him this year.

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Jayme said...

Ha ha ha! This sounds EXACTLY like the comments I write on my reports. It's so hard to find new ways of saying the same old things...