Monday, 31 March 2008

early night?

I am heading to get ready for bed now in a desperate attempt to get a bit more sleep. We have both been a bit overtired recently and I am feeling the stress at work. It's a really busy time, revising for exams that are in May. There's a lot of pressure for the students to perform well and a lot of pressure on me to make it happen.

Ant and I ran into our neighbours as we were coming home today and we have arranged to have them over for dinner next week. That will be quite unusual; London is not exactly a friendly neighbourhood place.

And it is also getting much nicer outside. British Summer Time started yesterday, so technically it is summer now. Sarah and I cycled home from work together (half way home until our paths divide) and we talked about maybe doing some longer weekend rides over the next few months. We want to go to Europe again this summer.

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