Sunday, 28 September 2008


Tonight I went out to Uxbridge to visit Naomi and Andrew and attend church with them. It was nice to be back at the old church and it was good to have some extra teaching today. God's vision is so inspiring--to think that I can be a part of what he is doing here on earth. I also took the opportunity to read while sitting on the tube for quite a long time. Every time I get inspired, I think, I really must read more. Today I feel inspired to live authentically and excellently--thinking back to Rich's motto: "Excellence is a habit. We are what we repeatedly do" (Aristotle). In my day-to-day life I can be more excellent by consistently making small choices to use my time wisely (which has been plaguing me lately) and to keep in step with the Spirit. As we sang tonight, "Fill my gaze with things as yet unseen."

My tube reading today was The Conflict of Visions, which I have now finished, and Adapting and Extending Secondary Mathematics Activities. Both of these books have made a real impression on me, although in different ways (haha!). There are so many things to think about. I have so many more things I want to ponder and try to express and build on. But now, to bed.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Good thoughts Sare. I like Rich's motto - though I too dont practice it all the time and sometimes it doesnt seem like much at all. Keep us updated on the progression of those thoughts.

We are hanging out here in Honduras... not really sure why, or what God wants from us. The hospital Kevin is at doesnt have any patients so he is home with us most days too.. makes for slow living. On the other hand some day in the future I will be so busy and wish for one of these warm relaxing days with my two babies.