Wednesday, 3 September 2008

tiny update

I am heading into bed, but I wanted to post something quickly. Therefore, I will say two sentences about each of a few things.

I loved having Sarah and Eric visiting for the last few days. We did some sightseeing and I have pictures to post (when I have a bit more time).

I stayed up a bit too late tonight reading the two wonderful cookbooks Sarah and Eric gave me. I am inspired to make some new things which I am sure you will hear more about as well.

We returned to school for our training day today and tomorrow I have interviews with my tutor group. I teach normal lessons on Friday.

Ant and I had a very restful three weeks in Canada (minus the airline insolvency, which was not at all relaxing). Our highlights were visiting with family and friends and going sea kayaking.

I have been inspired over the summer about my job through chats with a couple of mentors and some interesting reading. I am also really pleased that I managed to completely organise my classroom (the first time in my career that every paper has been filed somewhere where it belongs!).

(Feel free to leave me two (or 2n) sentence updates of your own in the comments.)


K said...

yeah for new cookbooks! you make many interesting and wonderful things.

Jayme said...

I am back to work and finding it exhausting. On a brighter note all my ultrasound and blood test results have come back and are fine.