Saturday, 11 October 2008


Recently we have done a few things that show why living in London is so great. Last week we unexpectedly got invited with one of Ant's colleagues to see John le Carre speak at the Southbank Centre. Ant has read two of his spy books and I have read one--next I think I would like to read The Constant Gardener. He was talking about his life and the places and experiences that led him to write. He is now 80 (I think) and still not describing his current book as his last. It was fascinating to listen to him and hear his answers to questions from the audience. We liked his voice and his new book is available as an audiobook (read by him), so Ant thinks he would like to get that.

Yesterday I went with my colleagues to the dog races in Wimbledon. I am not really sure that I would go back again, but it was fun to do something different with my work friends and we did have a good time. My friend Sarah who has moved on from the school was visiting and I took this very dodgy picture of us while we were outside watching a race. It was really cold out there and Sarah lent me her hat.

Our group went in and out to the trackside and then back in to the lounge area between races to eat, drink, and chat.

Today Sarah and I went out for lunch (with a few more of our work friends) and then I took the train with her into the city so she could catch her train home. I left her at Paddington station and popped out to look around in that area because I don't think I have ever been there before. I really like the look of the Georgian houses that are around there.

I love that there are these varied things to do in London. We don't really take advantage of them enough.

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