Saturday, 18 October 2008


I use Google Reader to peruse lots of blogs and websites, more than I could ever visit individually. One of these is No Impact Man. His blog is self-described as being written by "a guilty liberal who finally snaps, swears off plastic, goes organic, becomes a bicycle nut", etc, etc, "and generally turns into a tree-hugging lunatic". Some of his posts are very much too political for me and too extreme. A couple of days ago, though, he posted something that really resonated with me. Should we all commit suicide?, he asked. Why are we saving the planet? He mentioned a conversation he had with a friend about saving resources. If our aim is to use resources as sparingly as possible, surely it would just be better for the earth and for this aim if there were no humans. So the question emerges, is human life a positive? What could life be for that it would warrant the use of resources?
For what should we use our lives and our precious time here on this planet in order to justify the resources we use? For what should we use our lives to justify this precious gift?
Because if we're making waste of our lives and all the impact they cause, isn't that even worse than wasting the resources?

And I think this is a very important question, but one that the blogger does not answer. What purpose in life could be important enough for living on this beautiful earth and enjoying it? Getting to know God is the only thing that could be a high enough purpose. Loving and being loved by him is the fulfilment of our purpose here on earth.

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K said...

what an interesting question. I should roll that one in my mind for a few days. Off the top of my head I'd say that worship of God would be the only thing that would make the use of resources "worth it"