Saturday, 22 November 2008

recycling and fashion

My friends and family will be forgiven for describing me as a recycling dictator. But really, what is not to like about recycling? It's good for the earth, and it feels good for me. It's not really that big a hassle. I am dedicated to recycling paper, bottles, cans, and plastic bags. I have a favourite type of recycling, though: buying second hand clothes! There's a brilliant second hand charity shop near me that I often pop into on the weekend. Hopefully I will take some more photos to show you what I have bought there, but let me try to describe some purchases. Three things stand out over the last year. I bought a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress there--I admit I pulled it out originally because of the label. I know that DVF was the inventor of the wrap dress but never thought I'd try one on, let alone own one because of the cost. I tried it on to find that it fit and actually looked quite good. It's a graphic print design, mostly black and white.... Really a picture would help so I'll get one soon.

Then a little while later I found a Jigsaw suit--it's an expensive high street brand that is above my usual level by a long way. It's a very smart brown suit that came with a skirt and trousers. The trousers were a a bit too tight and also much too short. But the straight, slim skirt was perfect and I love the jacket. I bought a light rose blouse at the same time that I tried on with it. It's been such a good purchase and I've worn it on parents' evenings a few times. I feel very professional wearing it.

Today I stopped by on my way home to find a Zara black tweed suit (above) that I am so excited about! It's got a line of piping around the top of the skirt and the lapels of the jacket. The skirt has a little set of pleats at the back just above the hem. So cute and very much the business. It's great that someone decided to recycle such a lovely outfit. I also send donations there and I hope that others enjoy my clothes. (And in the process, the charity benefits, too.) Isn't recycling great?


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Hi Sare,

I have not had internet for the past week so I am just catching up now. Hope all is well. Love to see pics of these items you wrote about. Yep we are in Bedford, and not going anywheres for Christmas - so please come and visit us. Oh and we get use to the train! I dont even really hear it anymore.

K said...

I'm glad that you found such nice things. I often feel confident about giving nice things to a thrift shop just because of how often I have benefited from the things that other people have given. I see the shop as a clearing house for people who have things they don't need anymore but don't know who to give them to. I've just come back from B.C. Lillian and I went to a few thrift shops there. I bought as brown "tweedy"jacket that I plan to wear with my brown pants, I think it will feel quite professional too Mostly I wear black, not brown, tis one outfit is my alternate color. There were some very nice things. In the end I needed another suitcase and found one at a thrift store. Leslie says the suitcase was the real find. It's the mate to my large orange suitcase with wheels.

Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...


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