Sunday, 23 August 2009

Blue Mountains

Here are a few photographs from our weekend away (a couple of weeks ago) with Chris and Tamra. We drove out of Sydney to the Blue Mountains and stayed overnight in a cottage in a small village called Leura.

The scenery was beautiful as you can see. It was quite a bit colder there than in Sydney, especially when we went down to the valley floor, where there is a rainforest ecosystem.

We visited a beautiful historic house in Leura called the Everglades. The gardens there were stunning, from formal lawns and lines of trees to a waterfall and swimming hole, and also beautiful views off into the Blue Mountains.

The Everglades house is a beautiful art deco building with some rooms open for tea and others furnished in an original style.

We spent quite a lot of time just relaxing and walking around the village. We had cream tea at a little shop that also houses the largest private collection of teapots in the world. This is just one of the six or seven rooms lined with teapots.

Chris and Tam's son Ethan is now three months old and absolutely adorable. Ant and I were very impressed with his expressive face. Chris and Tam are such relaxed and comfortable parents; we think this has rubbed off on Ethan because he is a very relaxed and predictable baby.

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