Friday, 4 December 2009

maths department

Today we took a group photo in the maths department. At lunch time we all met up in Scott's classroom and posed in front of the whiteboard. (You can see the posters of Pythagoras' Theorem and the area and circumference of a circle, so check back if you ever need to remember them!) We've got a great team of teachers in the department and I feel privileged to be working with them all.

I know that I winge (:complain) about teaching quite a lot, especially in person. I try to tone it down online.... But I realised today how much I love my job and it's mainly the pace and pressure that can get me down. I have been making more resources lately and noticed how much I enjoyed devising and creating them. And I have turned a corner (almost, I think, she said tentatively) with my most difficult class, so I am starting to feel a great sense of satisfaction with them. If they do well in their GCSE mock exams next week I will be really pleased. And my colleagues are great to work with. I wish we had more time to share ideas, both maths related and otherwise. What a great team.


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Sarah, this is a great pic of you. Your hair looks so adult. I wish I didnt still have the exact same style as when I first met you. Hey, wondering where you are for Christmas. I think I am going home for a week.

sarah said...

Sonn: I, for one, really like your hair style. And trying to make it curly is fruitless. So just enjoy the lovely hair you have! See you at Christmas! :)

WonYong said...

math? oops! I don't like it. :)