Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas

How wonderful it is to be with family for Christmas. My mother was hosting the big dinner this year, and she did a great job. Grammie supplied the mince pies (above) and a few other key items. Mum made the turkey and I helped a bit with the vegetables. Ant fluffed the mashed potatoes, Dad cleaned the whole house, and Paul moved furniture. There were fifteen of us and it was wonderful.

Two games of cards were set up after lunch. In the living room Ant and Grandad took on Linda (and Glenn).

In the kitchen Paul is chatting, while at the cards table in the dining room Dad and Lillian were playing with...

...Grammie and Katherine. I was happily reading and observing from my easy chair. Thanks to God for Jesus, his indescribable gift. And thanks also for all the gifts he has given us, including family and food.

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Jayme said...

Sounds perfect! We are really looking forward to seeing you on New Year's day.

We had a nice Christmas too. Little Maya wasn't feeling too well, so she took a couple of naps, and even slept through dinner, but she enjoyed the day and family time.