Monday, 8 March 2010

party with friends

Ant and I hosted a little house party this weekend. We had such a great time visiting with all our friends. We had an open house from 3 pm to midnight, and loads of people came over! Above are Mandy and Thom--Mandy is a colleague of mine.

Below are Pari and Geary, friends from church. Geary's wife Helen snapped a lot of these photos while I was busy pouring drinks and trying to find seats for everyone!

Ant and Craig provided so much help and support. They both were my sous chefs. Craig made some delicious cheese balls--I hope to write about them over on my food blog soon.

Classic Ant move: part way through the evening he asked casually, "So where are the muffins?" This set me mixing while he chopped chocolate and we made these crystallised ginger and dark chocolate muffins.

Ant's colleague and best friend at work, Viviana, came with her husband Victor.

My colleagues Rachel and Amira had a good natter, and I got to meet Amira's boyfriend Jess.

Fellow Canadians Joe (a physics teacher) and Laurie came by (they are our Settlers buddies).

Georgeta, my Romanian friend, came over and was enjoying meeting some new people.

At the end of the night, we left all the empty glasses (but saved the extra food!) and sorted them out in the morning. What a great time we had with all our friends. We had loads more people than we anticipated and we also learned that our little living room holds more friends than we thought.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

GLad your back. Party looks like fun. Wish we could have come... I do love cheese balls