Saturday, 13 March 2010

a series of "lasts"

We are soon moving on from London and the last few weeks look to be quite emotional. We are both very excited to be moving, but saying goodbye is proving to be difficult. Last weekend I went into Canary Wharf for Ant's leaving drinks at work. I know a few of his colleagues quite well and I enjoyed chatting with all of them.

The wharf area is beautiful in the evenings. Even though these shots are from my mobile phone camera, I hope you can still see how pretty it was. We will see lots more cityscapes, though, when we are in Hong Kong.

Ant left last night and this has left me feeling a bit bereft. He has arrived safely and is being looked after by Matt and Bree as I write this. Thanks, guys!

This is the view from the railway platform yesterday morning on my way to work. It's funny how everything seems more poignant when I am looking at it thinking soon I will not be there to see the everyday life in our area.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Hi Sare,

I understand these emotions, as we have said good bye many times to places we loved and hated! It is weird to think that life goes on without you in places you know exist... not to sound self-centered - but I am amazed by this frequently. I hope you enjoy your last days in London. HK will be such a great opportunity for you. Sorry you are without Anthony.