Sunday, 20 June 2010

happy father's day

It was so good to have Mum and Dad visiting recently. I'm glad they made the long journey to see us and also Micah and Anna in Sydney. A big thanks to Dad (and Mum) making me a confident adult by taking me around Europe as a child and including me in decisions. I remember more than one occasion being consulted on where to live and being taken to house viewings. They urged us kids to pray about our move to Romania before we went there, and I was impressed that all our views were taken into account.

My Dad is inspirational in his care of others. He is willing to help anyone at any time (perhaps this is one reason why he is so good at his job). He has helped me out of a few rough spots, like when I crashed the family car as a teenager. I called him on the policeman's phone, "Dad, I've had an accident." "That's fine; are you alright?" he replied straight away. He didn't even ask about the car, which was totally destroyed.

He's always been supportive of me (and of Paul, Micah, and Mum). His example as a hard worker during his PhD undoubtedly inspired me to work hard at university and has made a success out of me. And he's inspired me in his Christian faith. He shows dedication to studying the Bible day by day that reminds me of the book title: "a long obedience in the same direction". (Together with my Mum, the prayer woman, I have pretty good role models to look up to.)

Thanks to my Dad, for his unfailing love over the years. Happy Father's Day!

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

I concured, Leslie sure is a great guy. We have enjoyed his advice on more than one occasion. Happy Fathers DAy Leslie