Thursday, 17 June 2010

visit from Mum and Dad

Here are some photos taken my Mum when she was here with Dad for a visit. They were so useful to us to arrive just when we were moving into our flat. They helped build the beds the first night they arrived. And everyday when we went off to work, Mum came back form her adventures with another little item to make life better at home.

Dad was away for a bit more than a week teaching a course in Indonesia. Mum spent most of her days traipsing around the city, armed with her Octopus card for public transport. On her quieter days she looked out the windows of our apartment and watched the ships going by.

There are a lot of fountains in Hong Kong (water is a big feature in Feng Shui.) Here is Mum standing inside one of the fountains in Hong Kong Park.

Mum took a bus to central that she loved because it curved along a very improbable route. Such steep, winding roads the bus goes on! The ramp in this picture is about ten stories above ground level. It's amazing that the bus careens around these corners right outside someone's living room window.

Mum and Dad were quite taken with the juxtaposition between the tall, shiny buildings and the packed lanes between them. The lanes are really interesting to explore, with little market stalls of food, clothes, and odds and ends.

I'm a little behind with posting about the last few weeks. Thanks for your patience. :-)

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