Saturday, 17 March 2012

reasons to keep running

I was reading in Runner's World this month that the best way to stay motivated to exercise is to enjoy it. Well, duh, that sounds a little obvious. But the more I stop to think about it, the more true I see that it is. I can think of four things that I have found really enjoyable this month:

1. I love the fresh air feeling when I run. I am fortunate enough to live in a part of Hong Kong where the air is quite good and I have a sea view as I run. Being outside with the breeze and the water is wonderful and it's a feeling that I can sense as I get out of bed to lace on my shoes.

2. I have found a great source of fun music for my runs: Rock my Run. The DJ-produced mixes that I have downloaded there are upbeat and motivating. They are full of positive and fun songs that make me look forward to running. Sometimes I want to sing along as I run.

3. Running a race recently makes me want to continue training. I ran my first 10 km two weekends ago and it was so fun. My training went really smoothly in the six weeks leading the to race and I managed to pace myself on the race. Anthony came out to congratulate me with a tiny bottle of champagne (and take these pictures). It was such a thrill to finish the race and I felt great. I want to feel that way again!

4. I do a group exercise sessions twice a week and the friends who exercise with me are such fun to be with. Exercising with them is fun like hanging out together. And recently I have been texting Sonya about my running and that's fun, too, because she is also training for a race (20 km!) and we have been encouraging each other.

So I think I am inclined to agree with Runner's World, it's motivating to enjoy your exercise. So find something you enjoy or take steps to make your current routine more enjoyable.

What do you like about exercise?


MsK said...

I love running, too! I am so happy that you love running... You're inspiring me to keep running :)

I run because I love it, I love the way I feel when I'm out there, and how I feel when I stop :) I am thankful for the alone time when I"m out on the road (I sing too!), for it's time that I can spend with God.

Thanks for encouraging others! (Check out my blog if you've got time: )

AJ said...

I just started up running again now that the weather is nice & definitely needed to hear this. Thanks, Sarah!

And I am SO jealous of your beach-view! Maybe tomorrow I'll run to the lake......

sarah said...

Hello there AJ; thanks for visiting. My sea view looks out over a shipping lane and a few islands. Sadly there is no beach, but it is water nonetheless and I love it. Did you get down to the lake?

MsK, thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about feeling good after running. In my exercise log I do smiley faces for before, during, and after my runs. It usually goes like this: :-) :-\ :-D A big grin after I am done! I'm so glad you left a link to your blog. You kept that one quiet!

sarah said...
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Adam said...

Sarah - much love for the shout out for Rock My Run! We are passionate about creating great running mixes and really appreciate you mentioning us.

Best of luck with your running!