Sunday, 8 April 2012

my exercise log

I use this little diary as my exercise log. It's just a small one I got for free from a textbook representative. But it's been invaluable in tracking my exercise this year.

Each day I exercise, I write it down in the diary. (Click on the picture to see a bigger version.) I write a bit about what I did, how much time it took, and how I felt. Usually I include three faces, which show my mood before, during, and after exercise. I have noticed that the "after" face is almost always happy. Now I know that even if I feel rubbish while running, I will feel better at the end. This helps when I am struggling.

And I have been using ticks on the year planner pages to show how my exercise habit is developing. In March, I exercised 23 times! I'm proud of that and it is motivating me to make April also a fit month. I have circled my two big events this year. On January 14 I did the Green Power Hike, which was a 50 km walk along the Hong Kong trail. And on March 4, I ran a 10 km event. Now the next challenge seems to be a half marathon. I am a bit nervous about committing to it, though, so I haven't registered for a race, yet. When I do, I'll circle the date and that will give me something to work towards.

Do you track your exercise?

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