Wednesday, 16 August 2006

cleaning house and heart

Why is it that cleaning the bathroom is my chosen chore? I started doing it at home when I became disgusted by the state of our family bathroom. When the tub is gleaming and the room smells fresh I am so happy. I cleaned both bathrooms again today as my chosen participation in our house-wide clean-up. And since then, when I have gone into the bathroom I have felt the satisfaction of a job well done. I love the shiny surfaces especially. Maybe that explains it. Ant has always said that I am a magpie--drawn to things that sparkle and shine.

I will refrain from posting a picture of the shiny tub, basin, and toilet. But I'm sure you can imagine it and you can smile with me. :)

I am satisfied in a similar way when I floss my teeth. My mouth feels fresh and airy, almost. I used to say (with my friend Jon) that flossing is like asking for forgiveness. The more you do it the easier it gets. We used to say that you need to floss and confess as often as you can--every day for maximum benefit. I have found prayer difficult with my holiday schedule--or actually, the lack of schedule. I have plenty of time, so my struggle serves to reveal my laziness. I have been prompted to return to prayer again and I was disgusted with the state of my heart. Now for my own sake, I need to keep it up, cleaning out my heart regularly and aiming for a fresh new start each time. Thanks to God that he takes me as I am!

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