Wednesday, 2 August 2006

in the city

I went into the city today to do a few things for my parents. I go into the city about once a month or so. I was on Oxford street, the street of throngs of people, and tonnes of shops. I went past Selfridges, which always has the most inventive window displays. Here are two of the windows.

I walked past the beautiful Mall, a long broad street that proceeds from Buckingham Palace.

Then I headed into St James's Park to eat my sandwiches. I thought about hiring a deck chair, but since they are priced for four hour or two hour sessions, it didn't really seem worthwhile for my 45 minute break.

I also went to the Clydesdale Bank, based in Scotland. It has a main branch in London. After I did my business there I was coming down the escalator and saw this sign. Somehow I managed to whip my camera out and take this picture. I was surprised not to be set upon by security guards and thrown out.


Matt said...

I see you've skipped over the bit where you met me for a leisurely bike-ride back out of London... ;]

Not to preempt anything.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare. The pics within the posts are much easy to read - for us ADD types. I like it.