Monday, 7 August 2006

playing with the built-in camera

My new computer has a built in camera that is tiny. It's located in the screen casing. When it is about to take a picture the screen flashes white to act as a flash. Here are some pictures I have taken so far, showing my family and friends how it works.

Dad and I in black and white.

Mum using the coloured pencil effect.

Mum relaxing in her chair.

Grammie and Grandad marvelling at my computer. They also left their first blog comment on that visit.

Jonathan tries out the camera with me.

We use the mirror function to great effect!


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! This is the best feature of the Mac! I love that little camera. Kevin and I have played with it on one of our friends cameras. Hey! speaking of pics can you send me the one with the lion at the dingle.

Justin Hatt said...

I LOVE THE COMPUTER!!! Must see it once you have it back here in the U.K.

By the way, where is Ant in all of these pictures??? Isn't he there in Halifax with you?

Also, considering today's news, please keep safe on your journeys back here. Talk to you later.