Monday, 4 September 2006

first day of school

I am tired, so I won't write much. (Thinking up a comment to Sonya's baby naming blog entry took up all my time!) But today was a good day of meetings and getting to know a few people. Ant cycled down with me and I cycled home on my own. The day has left me happy and also exhausted. I am going to be so fit if I can keep this up! With all my books in my pannier bags I had to work much harder to get to school. And I'm happy because things are planned at this school! :) Tomorrow I have another day of meetings and preparation. I've made a friend in the maths department who helped me with a few things and didn't mind if I asked questions all the time. And I laminated my big "Welcome to Success" poster and put it above the board. My computer is now on my desk, but not yet working because the IT department was out of extension cords!


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare!
Here are my thoughts about your post in random order:

-Glad to hear that your year sounds more promising than last.

- what is a "pannier bags"

-Oh to be fit again!


sarah said...

Pannier bags are the bags that hang over the back wheel. It's another name for saddle bags. They are great because I carry all kinds of stuff in them, although it does slow me down a bit.