Saturday, 30 September 2006

new season, new shows

Heehee. I have grown to like British TV, and September means a new raft of shows to enjoy. I am actually quite excited by this. :) The best show on TV at the moment is a BBC drama about MI5 called Spooks. Ant and I both also enjoy watching You Are What You Eat, which I have blogged about before. CSI is always a favourite of mine; I watched an episode tonight. Ant loves watching house selling shows, or property development shows, or house makeover shows. He jokes that he will know everything about buying a house by the time we come to do it. We watch some personal makeover shows as well, and I have just learned that Ladette to Lady is returning this year: a show where they take a group of rough, unlady-like young women and send them to a traditional finishing school where they have to learn to talk properly, cross their ankles, arrange flowers, learn to sew and cook, and behave like a proper English lady. As you may already know, I am only 56% lady, so I have lots to learn from this show!

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare, we do not have any of those shows. boo! I do love Bristish tv too. do you get re-runs of Faucty Towers?