Thursday, 21 September 2006

news flash

I have discovered this week that I like teaching. Shocking, I know! On Tuesday I came home in a really good mood. I enjoyed my day: a bit of teaching, a bit of lesson planning, a few laughs, a bit of exercise... the whole day seemed about right. I didn't come home depressed or annoyed that I had a job. What a turning point. I didn't really realise until this week how I could regain my sense of enjoying my job. Until now I was feeling mostly relief at the beginning of the new year, but now I find that I actually like being a teacher! I can hear my parents laughing now.... I suppose they knew all along that I would like it.

On the other hand, I am tired all the time. In fact, I am exhausted by my regime. I am sleeping very soundly at nights! I leave school at 6:00 each evening. Fortunately, I would say, they lock the building and close the gates then, so I have to get out by six. They start ringing warning bells in the school at 5:45 to remind me to get out before it's too late! Cycling is proving tiring as well (again, shocking, I know), but in a funny way it also energises me. Some evenings when I'm sitting at my desk I think I won't be able to make it home, but once I get going I seem to arrive in due course.

This afternoon I went up to the fitness suite for 45 minutes. Some of the other young teachers were there as well. I didn't do too much, not wanting to go crazy and then have to cycle home. I did some arm and abs exercises and left it at that. No legs, not ever again. My legs are in enough pain. They are getting stronger!


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare, I am glad you are having a better year and that you are enjoying things. Holding C with one hand so cant type more now - takes too long.


p t blogreader said...

All work and no blogging makes Sarah a....