Saturday, 5 April 2008


Last night I started typing this post and I wrote:
I think that with the change to British Summer Time that spring has really come. On my cycle home on Friday I snapped this picture of a tree flowering. I wish I knew what kind of tree it is since I think it is gorgeous and I would love to have one. If I ever owned a piece of ground to plant it in, that is. Does anyone know what the name of this tree is?

Today I woke up for church and it was snowing (the second time this year, the first being on Easter Sunday). It snowed steadily for several hours, although it hasn't stayed. The snow collected on car rooftops, but just melted on the ground.

Over my week off I hope it warms up again because I want to go on some London city walks and do some cycling.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! It was 10 degrees here. I've been calling your mom (and only getting your Dad - though it is nice to talk to him too:) about going over for a visit and to get the present. I will recieve it as my birthday gift... shall I wait to open it?? :)

Also I wanted to tell you that I dreamt about you last night... you weighted 100 lb, you told me and were on 8 different exercise programs a day - so I had to call your parents and get them to intervene.