Monday, 28 April 2008

not much going on

I haven't been blogging much lately.... It just feels that my life is not too exciting at the moment. I have been working hard: I did an extra revision session on Saturday, for example. I stay until closing each work day evening (5:45 when the bells ring and the building is locked).

On Friday night we hosted our church house group. I have really enjoyed the fellowship. The questions on the studies are quite in depth, even the "welcome" questions are things like "What have you been praying about lately?" The questions are are designed to make us feel more comfortable over time talking about spiritual issues, and I think we're enjoying the challenge.

On Saturday Ant and I went to visit his uncle and family who were over in the UK for a holiday. It was brilliant to see Ant's three cousins again (we last saw them at Christmas in New Jersey). We also got to meet the friends they were staying with, one of whom is a maths teacher, which always makes conversation flow easily.

On Sunday we went out again! (This was a much more social weekend than most for us!) We went bowling with Ant's friend Natalie for her birthday. We played two games--Ant was the top scorer of the six of us both times, and I improved from 66 to 84, which was enough to make me content.

Well, Monday has returned and we are back to the grind. Ant is on a course this week which means he maddeningly gets up much later than me. Grrrr. I will be tiptoeing around in the mornings while he snoozes.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare, I wish we had a nice small group - but we dont. We do have one other couple though that we love being with - they are helping us make survive the long winter here. :)