Monday, 9 March 2009

Canterbury--part two

Pari and I visited Canterbury Cathedral--it's the real reason to travel to Canterbury. And stunning it was too. There was a university choir and orchestra practising when we arrived and that made it even better. They were singing Hayden's Mass in Time of War, although I couldn't make out any of the words.

St Augustine's Abbey was my other main attraction. These tiles are an amazing example of the workmanship that was put into it over hundreds of years and many stages in its life. It is now ruined and what's left of it is a UNESCO world heritage site (along with the Cathedral and one other church).

I thought you might also be amused by this road sign. I'm sure St Augustine is thrilled to be have so many things named after him: an Abbey, an area, and a roundabout!

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Kathrina/Kathy said...

I've never had a roundabout named for me. He should consider himself quite honored! The weekend sounds just great! I'll be interested to hear more. Wow lucky you.