Tuesday, 3 March 2009

overworked, but content

I had so much marking over the half term break that I had to bring it home from work in two installments. The suitcase was the only way I could get the second half back to work; I couldn't actually lift all the marking I had done! I found it quite funny to return home on the train with my empty suitcase in the evening.

But on a positive note, I have some projects coming up that I am very excited about. I am hoping to do some research about maths A level participation at the school and I'm also taking part in a working research group about trigonometry. So although I am busy, I am enjoying things at work. I wish there was less administration (Matt says I need an adminion) and I could do with less marking. But I am learning and trying new things, which I love.


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Hey, he swallows them. I made your pancakes the other day. They really were fantastic, I added fruit to some and chocolate chips, bananas etc. It was great.

Kathrina/Kathy said...

what a nice reason to have an empty suitcase!