Wednesday, 6 January 2010

confessions of a messy house

Here are some photos from our new flat in London. I am ashamed of the mess in our place at the moment. We don't have the right furniture to start putting all this stuff away. So we are climbing over boxes to get into rooms and cupboards. The bedroom is overrun with boxes and I have to climb over them to get into the far side of the bed. My clothes are stacked up on a suitcase next to the wall.

About half of our books are stacked up in the front hallway until we get some bookshelves. The stairs go down to our bathroom, living room, and kitchen at the back of the flat.

All our houseplants are enjoying being in the bathtub. It's nice and damp in there. We have a separate shower (you can see the glass in the foreground). Also, note the filing cabinet next to the toilet! It's empty since I didn't want any papers to get damp. There's not a lot of space elsewhere in the house.

Looking into the living room and kitchen (above). No satellite TV yet, so the bunny ears ariel is out.

The kitchen is a bit smaller than our previous place, but I have successfully cooked a few dinners in there. Matt bought a new four-slice toaster; you can see it on the right counter.

This shot (above) of our living room is taken from the kitchen area. I have now moved the Christmas tree outside (it's a potted one). It should last through the year on our (very) small patio garden out back.

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