Sunday, 24 January 2010

small steps

We are making slow progress on our flat. Life seems so busy at the moment. We haven't got a blind in the bathroom so I hung up my flag instead. It fits quite well and does the job!

We built a little tent in our back patio to hold our bikes. I got mine back from the shop yesterday and I hope to start riding to work again this week. I don't know if I still remember how to cycle! I stopped riding at the beginning of December and the bike was at the shop for the whole time we were away in Canada and until now.

We have enjoyed having a few people over to the house since it has been tidy enough to have space. It's so lovely having friends around our table, eating, laughing, and drinking tea.


Sari said...

What a clever idea and a truly original window blind! I like it! ;)

Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

love your patriotism! I can picture Ant singing Oh Canada in the bathroom

Friedel said...

Hi Sarah, I hope you get back on your bikes again soon! I just saw this site and thought you'd enjoy it. Some inspiration here for spring :)