Saturday, 15 May 2010

race course

My colleagues and I went out to watch the races at Happy Valley on a Wednesday night. It only costs $10 (less than £1) to get into the stands area. I had some cheap and cheerful beef noodle soup, and we ordered a jug of beer and a jug of wine while we watched the races. The horses ran right in front of where we were standing and their hooves threw up grass and dirt as the roared past.

As you might expect in a group of maths teachers, we were keenly reading the newspaper and investigating the odds, the form of the jockeys, and the stats of the horses. I placed three $20 bets and won a little back each time. In the end I was up by $12.50... but of course that doesn't take into account the taxis, entrance fee, the soup and the drinks! But it was a really good night of entertainment and chatting with my colleagues.

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