Wednesday, 22 March 2006

date night

I left work early today and explained to a colleague that it was date night. He looked a little shocked and said, "But you're married." We try to keep one night a week free to spend together, no working late allowed. Recently we have been going to a few movies on date night: Syriana and The Matador were both excellent. Tonight we had a quiet night in: a nice meal (chicken korma), a special drink (fizzy cranberry and blackberry), and a nice dessert (raspberry panacota--a la Sainsbury's). We've been relaxing and watching a bit of football (Ant) and reading a novel (me). It's lovely just to be together. And, as I told my colleague, it's good to keep things focused and it keeps us from getting bored with each other.

Another bonus of date night is the rest from work it brings. It forces me to leave my desk before it's clean or half the work is done. I have to spend more time at home one night a week and I get to relax more. I'll be in bed on time tonight.


Micah Blake McCurdy said...

I get the same thing; in it's own scale.

"But she's your fiancee; she must understand that you have to work; why put yourself under more pressure by spending more time with her now and then having to rush through work later?"

The funny thing is that we don't get all that much time together; I was expecting to be chastised for the lack of time more than the opposite.

Another example, if you will, of how the extraordinary and the dowdy live side-by-side: the only person who would forgive me the fault is person against whom I'm least likely to commit it.

BTW, nice to finally find your blog. =)

David said...

That's a great idea, Sarah. I hope I get meet Ant; you two seem to be settling in very well together.

My ex-girlfriend and I used meals out in much the same way... but we're both impulsive people on some level, so we loved having a random release. If one us said that we just needed to get wine and a meal, we'd both drop everything and get tipsy over a huge meal. When things got busy, it was hard on the checkbook though! :)