Wednesday, 15 March 2006

sick again

It seems that I come down with every bug going around at school. I am not yet immune to any UK cold and so I have got sick again. I was off school today and slept for most of the day. I ate some toast, drank some orange juice, and did laundry. Sigh.

Tomorrow is day 11--our enrichment day. We are off the normal timetable and the students are with us all day for five of these days elevens. One of my colleagues and I have a group of 35 students for our Maths, Games, and Magic days this term. We have booked a magician to come in tomorrow to perform and teach the students some tricks. Hopefully this will provide hours of fun! And hopefully we will both be well enough to attend, since my colleague is also off sick today.


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare!

Sorry that you are sick.
:( Sonn.

David said...

I added you to my blog. (Got talked into starting it the other day.)
Feel better soon!