Monday, 6 March 2006

grand prix is imminent

Ant and I are eagerly awaiting the first Grand Prix this coming weekend. The first race of the eighteen is in Bahrain this Sunday. It's been a long time since last season. Since meeting Ant I have become quite addicted to Formula One. I used to confuse it with Indy car racing, the silly "sport" where cars drive around in circles for hours at a time. By contrast, Formula One is a great combination of pit tactics, driver skill, engineering expertise, and track conditions. All winter the teams have been testing and building cars that can drive fast, carry light fuel, and stay on the road. There are stringent rules about the size of the engines and the weights of the cars. There are two drivers on each team with almost identical cars, so their skills determines their separate outcomes.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Are you really eager to watch Grandpre, or are you just a muffler-bunnie (simular to a puck-bunnie):)