Monday, 31 July 2006


We have just returned from a three night stay in Liverpool. It was lovely to see Ant's family again (Jack is pictured above, taken on Ant's new camera phone). We stayed with his grandparents as usual. We went up for his friend's, Rachel's, wedding on Saturday. It was at a swish golf club, with lots of food and fun. We saw lots of his old friends there and enjoyed talking with them.

We had a great meal with Ant's mum and sister, Stephanie. I love talking to Stephanie and every time I see her I realise we have a lot in common. We are both neat freaks, I discovered this weekend. I helped do the washing up and we chatted about hating mess. Ant laughed at us both; he indulges my obsession most of the time. (He took over the washing up tonight so that I could go online--how sweet!)

Etta and Jack have a new door mat I really like. Unfortunately I still left something behind this afternoon--my jacket. I guess they can't list everything on the mat, even if I need that much help!

And on Thursday we are off to Canada for two weeks (Ant) and three weeks (me). We are really excited about it. Anyone want anything? Let me know. Tomorrow I am going into the city to pick up some books for Dad and I'll take other orders.


susan hart said...

some english chocolate! sarah, we need to get together, esp since alex lives here now!
miss u
love susan

Kevin & Sonya said...

I would like you to bring me back some of that great Canadian Bacon, a jar of maple suryup, a hockey player - perferabley a hot one and a goose.